Telephone Service

RTC Communications has provided the quality, reliable telephone service that you expect, at the lowest possible prices for over 100 years. And, of course, we provide the very latest telephone features to help you manage your home, business and home office.

Service applications

Click on the links you see below to access applications for service from the RTC Communications. Completed applications can be sent to us by mail, e-mail, or dropped off at our office. Please use the contact information you see below:

RTC Communications
121 Main Street
P.O. Box 159
Readlyn, IA 50668


Low income assistance

RTC Communications also offers low-income telephone assistance programs.


Calling Features

Call Waiting/Cancel Call Waiting – $.50/mo.
With Call Waiting, you’ll never miss another call just because you’re on the phone. With Cancel Call Waiting, you can cancel your call waiting before an important call, or before you get on the Internet so you won’t be interrupted. Great for busy families and businesses.

Call Forwarding – $.50/mo.
With Call Forwarding, you can forward your calls to another phone or your wireless phone when you’ve got to go, or when your line is busy and you can’t answer. And, you can forward your calls to another phone when you’re on vacation or away from home. This protects you, because no one will ever know that you’re not at home. Great for businesses, people with wireless phones and people who travel or who are away from home often.

Speed Calling (8 or 30 numbers) – $.50/mo.
Quickly dial up to 8 of your most frequently called phone numbers by dialing just one number, or dial up to 30 phone numbers by dialing just 2 numbers. Great for households with children or elderly residents who need a simple way to make a call in an emergency. It’s also great for businesses and busy families needing to save time on frequently dialed numbers

Inside Wire Maintenance – $.50/mo.
Readlyn customers are responsible for the repair and maintenance of inside wiring–the wiring located on your premises. If you subscribe to our Inside Wire Maintenance, if there is ever trouble with your inside wiring that disturbs your Readlyn telephone service we will repair the damage at no additional cost to you. If you do not subscribe to inside wire maintenance, Readlyn Telephone will charge you $40.00 per visit to repair and/or maintain your inside wiring

Caller ID Name and Number – $1.00/mo.
See the name and number of the person calling before you answer the phone. This is great for screening calls from callers with whom you don’t wish to speak, and it allows you to customize your greeting to customers, friends and family.

Caller ID Name and Number Block – $1.00/mo.
With Caller ID Name & Number Block, your number will never be displayed on the Caller ID units of the people you call.

Anonymous Call Rejection – $1.00/mo.
With Anonymous Call Rejection, you’ll automatically reject all those calls designated as anonymous. You know the ones–those calls that always seem to interrupt your dinner. In fact, with Anonymous Call Rejection, your phone won’t even ring

Call Forwarding-Busy – $1.00/mo.
With Call Forwarding-Busy, you can forward calls to another phone or your wireless phone only when your line is busy. All other calls will ring at your phone number normally. Great for businesses or people with wireless phones who don’t want to miss calls while they are on the phone or online.

*69 Automatic Recall – $1.00/mo.
Miss a call? Just dial *69 and the last person who called you will be called back

*66 Automatic Callback – $1.00/mo.
Tired of redialing busy numbers? Just dial *66 and the number will be redialed for you until it becomes available.

Selective Call Rejection – $1.00/mo.
This feature allows you to create a list of numbers you don’t want to accept calls from. (This feature works for local calls only). These callers receive a message that says you aren’t taking calls at this time. This feature shields your business and your family from undesirable phone calls

Special Call Acceptance – $1.00/mo.
Only want to receive calls from certain people? With Special Call Acceptance you can screen your incoming calls by creating a list of phone numbers from which you are willing to accept calls. Calls from phone numbers not on your list are sent to an announcement that tells them you are not receiving calls at this time. This feature shields your business and your family from undesirable phone calls

Teen Line/Distinctive Ring – $1.00/mo.
Want to add another line without the cost of adding another line? With Distinctive Ring, it’s like having two phone lines in one. You’ll get another phone number, which rings differently than your home phone number, so you’ll always know when the phone is for your teen!

This feature is also great for home-based businesses, because your business phone number rings differently than your home phone number, so you’ll always know when you’re receiving business calls. It’s also great for fax lines. Great for families with teens and home-based businesses

Distinctive Ring Call Waiting – $1.00/mo.
With Distinctive Ring Call Waiting, you’ll hear a different call waiting tone for numbers that you’ve programmed into a list. This way, you’ll always know when it’s one of your “special” callers–even when you’re on the phone!

Call Trace – $1.00/mo.
This feature give the subscriber the ability to trace harassing calls. Typically, such calls can ultimately be stopped if they can be traced back to the offender

RTC Communications also provides affordable long distance service.

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